All done ♡ House no.3

Pictures by: David Dick Photography


Meet The Simplots

We have recently added one more baby Simplot to our family! We are so in love with baby Ember Lulu ♡ she is our rainbow baby. After the loss of our last baby Kannon Michael we are feeling so blessed to have with us a healthy baby girl to love!

We named her Ember because it means “Continues to burn after a fire has no flames” and after losing a baby we felt helpless and overwhelmed with sadness. Finding out we were pregnant with this baby girl brought back that fire to live and fight for our children to give them the very best of us.

We are happy to have our family complete with baby Ember as our last little!

We hope to give them a happy life where they grow up knowing they are so loved and wanted. ♡♡♡

Weston 💙 

Blonde chocolate eyed mommas boy 💙 Having a little boy is such a blessing. This little guy loves his momma. Love that you hug me alllll day long and give the best slobbery kisses and always knows where momma is at all times. Such a good eater, loves to play with dirt and jump and climb on everything and pretend to be a dog. Has a huge vocabulary already the big words so far are thank you and kitchen at 17 months old 💙 Your big sister loves you so much she said “I love Weston sooo much I just want more babies to love like him.” Seriously, being a mom is the best thing that ever happened to me. The unconditional love I get from you and your big sister is my biggest treasure. I love you forever my sweet boy. 

1974 to Fab! House no. 2

Four months ago we flipped our first home and made 32,500.00 profit! We then purchased this blast from the past 1970s home because it was on a good chunk of land! We love that this home has a garden, chickens and pet goat! 

Retro Kitchen

Purchase price: $70,000.00

Flipped at $110,000.00

This is my favorite transformation this cute little house has so much style! 

Farmhouse kitchen 🌱🥕🌽🥑🍎

Master bedroom layout redo! His and hers closets on same wall 😍

Dining table redo 😍 

♡ House no. 1

Million dollar view didnt have to change anything here!


purchase price: $106,500.00

After: added screen door & new light fixture and house numbers to add curb appeal. Removed bushes they were stinky! 

Flipped at $138,000.00

 *close up of front door updates.

Backside of house

Added grass to patchy areas and fence.

Before: missing patchy grass hillside

After: hardwood flooring through out entire house

Before: removed green carpet and updated light fixture painted cabinets 

After: Stainless steal appliances to update old white appliances and updated maroon counter tops

Before: removed pink and white vynl flooring and updated out dated light fixture.

After: painted accent wall gray

Updated flooring and painted walls in bedrooms. Painted cabinets in bathrooms and replaced flooring. 


Ellena (El-lee-na) Josephine

Our beautiful daughter.

Wishing time would slow down…

14 months. 23 lbs. 9 teeth. Loves to run. Climb stairs. Loves to cut flowers and give them to momma. Loves to stand on tippie toes and arms spread open yell “ta-da!” My pride and joy. My husbands clone. My girly personality shines through in you. Blonde haired. Pale skin. Perfect smile. My squishy. My cuddle cub. 
Mama bear loves teaching you to smile and laugh out loud. To love life and see beauty in everything. I hope you always look in the mirror and say “wow” and shake your little hips with joy of seeing your beautiful reflection! I hope you always enjoy my cooking and say “nomnom” the way you do now. I hope you always wake up in the best mood ready to take over the world like you do. I hope you’re always so kind and kissy kiss mushy mush with me and “dada” the way you are now. I love watching you grow and turning into this beautiful, funny little girl.
You’re perfect. Just the way you are. You’re not a fan of scrambled eggs but other than that you love everything. You’re such a good eater. My healthy baby. I love your little chubby wubby face. You’re so kind and gentle with the puppy and with any baby you meet. You love to go for there faces and gently touch there cheeks as you say “oh.” You also say “ohhh” every time you hug mama or dada it’s your way of saying “I love you.” It’s so cute. I “oh” you so much my little baby cub.
Mama bear



Ellena Jo is eight months! What?!!

Baby Ellena Jo is 8 months!!! She loves to crawl, walk in her walker, hum along to music and dance, is terrified of dolls/bears that make noise or move, loves mirrors, smiling for pictures, says mama, loves to cuddle, is still an amazing sleeper, loves to shake her head no when she hears the word “No” in our conversations, loves to clap first thing when she wakes up, loves to drink out of straws, laughs a lot, loves bath time cries when she has to get out, tortures our chihuahua with her tight hugs, has four teeth (two bottom and her fangs) “baby vamp”, naps way to long, loves cartoons, has blonde hair still, green/grayish eyes, weighs 17 lbs 9 ounces, is close to being done nursing and bottle only (TMI?), loves taking magnets off the fridge and opening drawers, pro at peek a boo, still sleeps with us (sorry Doc), is growing up way too fast! She has such a cute and fun personality definitely takes after me 😉 haha we love her soooo much!!! Wish time would slow down! I’m so blessed to have an AMAZING and handsome husband that works hard so I can stay home with our baby girl! I love being a stay at home mom and recently turned down a good job opportunity because the thought of someone else watching my baby was freaking me out!! Love love love her and will keep watching her till she’s in Kindergarten! My career can wait! I don’t want to look back on life and regret not enjoying my daughter hitting all these growing stages! She needs me and I need her 🙂 I am so blessed to be this beautiful little girls mama.

Ellena Jo’s mama








Dear daughter, Love mom.

My most precious reason to smile, to live, exist, never give up, better myself, my everything…is you little Ellena Jo. The happiest and scariest news I have ever received was finding out you were living inside me. I say scary because even though I picked out your name when I was only a little girl playing dress up and “mom” with my dolls…now it was all a reality. You changed my life forever and for the better. Since day one I started treating my body better than ever. Respecting my body and only eating healthy food that would benefit “you”. I’ve never loved myself so much…until my body was able to carry beautiful you…I loved you so much…I knew you would be my everything…my reason to be. Impatiently waiting for your arrival I crocheted a million pair of booties for you, blankets, clothes, bottle covers (I’m a little crochet crazy you’ll soon figure that one out).

Finally, all those years of playing with my doll house…now I was decorating your nursery. Sorry, I went PINK crazy when the doctor said you were a baby girl! I really hope you love pink as much as I do 🙂 We can always change the wall color together someday when you go through your discovering yourself phase 🙂 no worries! My fave color was lime green at one point.

You have been one surprise after another. Dad’s first words were “she has blonde hair” I had to see for myself to believe it and you looked tan the first days I promise! But now you are as pale as your daddy! We can always lay out and soak up the sun together! But you are perfect just the way you are and I wouldn’t change a thing about you!

You are my best friend and the sweetest, funniest, easiest going baby in the world! You make being a mom easy! Thank you for that. You are always so content. How do you do it? 🙂 You are so tiny and have already taught me to be so patient! No one has ever been able to do that…I’m sure your daddy will thank you for that one day!

I co sleep with you because you’re so cute and I love having slumber parties with you every night! You hold my arm while you sleep pfft like I would go any where 🙂 Every morning you wake up with the biggest smile and you cuddle with me. I’m your favorite person in the world right now and I love it! I pray we can always be this close!

My sweet girl, beautiful daughter, this letter is to thank you for being the most amazing little girl in the world! You have blessed me with your existence! You are so loved. You are my little miracle sent from God.

Mom ❤


Journeying through depression…final destination happiness

A confusing time…we all have one. Mine was sophomore year in college as I journeyed through depression. Yes, me depressed. I am hardly ever serious and love to laugh a lot and enjoy making friends laugh. This isn’t a sad story it’s a “learning experience” I am brave enough to share with you now.

I was so confused then because I was naive and believed that happy and funny people could not get depressed. But depression had me trapped, cornered and I was desperately trying to escape. It was strange…outside in “the real world” I was funny, happy, cheery, bubbly and loud! But in my apartment I didn’t recognize myself…felt sad, hopeless, everything felt pointless and I didn’t know why!

My background:
Coming from a sheltered small town I didn’t know much about depression. I was raised by a strong mother who taught me crying was a weakness and my father who always said my last name being “Guerrero” (meaning warrior) I had to be tough. My parents always made it seem like putting food on the table and paying the bills was “life” and I felt selfish for worrying about “feeling depressed”. They are such hardworking and loving parents preoccupied with helping us get an education so we can achieve that “American dream.” Me graduating college and making them proud was always on my mind.

My solution, salvation, answer, & freedom from my mental confusion with depression was understanding it’s meaning/definition. Accepting I needed help!

severe despondency and dejection, typically felt over a period of time and accompanied by feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy.

Let’s think about this… the word “feelings” really echoed in my head as I finally realized talking about my “feelings” would set me free. Something I always had a hard time with…

Desperate for help I ran to the only place I believed would “cure” my mental suffering/frustration fast and I could move past this confusing time (so I thought). I drove to the Catholic Church in town, I had just transferred to this University and didn’t know the priest. He met with me listened and didn’t say much just asked for my name and phone number. He then handed me a bilingual bible he had blessed and sent me on my way.

I opened it and felt overwhelmed not knowing where to start looking. I didn’t even know what I was looking for to begin with.

Later that week my phone rang and it was a gentle voice of a bubbly sounding lady that the priest had sent my way (sounded like she was excited about my sadness). We met for coffee and talked and read scriptures from the bible. Im so thankful for her coming into my life. She was so caring and the best listener. She helped me sort out feelings I didn’t even realize were there and I felt so at peace just talking about “me” out loud.

My inner light was so dim and everything that appeared dark now shines brighter than ever.

I changed my career path to Psychology because of my experience with this learning experience. I journeyed through depression and I am thankful I didn’t do it alone. I was wounded, but I have healed.

It does get better.

If you are now or have ever journeyed through depression then you understand that having gone through and overcome that dark and confusing time helps us appreciate all the good things that come after.

It’s not about being strong and keeping quiet it’s about being brave and asking for help. You don’t build a house to prove you don’t need help and have it fall on you after all that hard work. You hire someone to build off of your ideas and build you a strong foundation that won’t fall. The mind is the same way. We trust in someone who knows more about how it works and why it works that way to help us find that bright light, peace, and most importantly journey to happiness. It’s a journey but it’s worth it. Because we are all worth it.

If you are currently going through this or even think you might be, please seek help!
You’re not alone, it is a confusing time but it can all become so clear when you have someone to help you get through.

Final destination happiness 🙂

If I helped even just ONE person with this post then sharing this was worth it. Feel free to comment or share 🙂